Web Albums Manager

Easy • Fast • Powerful

Main Features

  • Multiple Picasa accounts
  • View friends' public and shared albums
  • Video-playback
  • Batch photo and video uploading
  • Full album and photo management
  • Photo caching
  • Themes
  • View and add comments
  • Share albums and photos with friends
  • Bulk Email, Move, Save, Delete
  • Slideshow
  • Works on iPhone and iPod

MyPics is an application to view and manage your Picasa web albums.

If you have multiple Picasa accounts, you can add them all to MyPics and you will have access to all your photos or videos from a single app.

Would you like to be able to view your friends' photos or videos?

No problem! You can add any number of friends and view their public albums or the albums they shared with you.

All the albums and photos are cached on your iPhone or iPod - that means you can view them even when you don't have internet access.

MyPics is using a streamlined approach to add multiple photos or videos to the upload queue so that you can easily add photos to your albums from your camera or your photo library.


  • Multiple Picasa accounts
  • Add your friends' picasa accounts, view and comment on their photos
  • Pinch-zoom
  • Video-playback (videos are not cached)
  • Batch photo and video uploading
  • Manage existing and create new web albums
  • Edit album metadata (title, date, summary, location, access)
  • Photos are cached and can be viewed offline, videos are not cached
  • Clear cache when needed
  • Themes
  • Select desired photo size for downloads
  • Select desired album sort order (by name or date)
  • View and add comments
  • Email photos and links to photo albums
  • Works on both iPhone and iPod
  • Japanese localization
  • Preserves most EXIF tags and geotags (requires iOS4 and Location Services enabled)
  • Photo Slideshow
  • Tweetie-like "pull-to-refresh"
  • Bulk Operations - save, email, delete or move multiple photos at a time
  • Passcode Lock to protect privacy of your albums
  • Cache Control to cache entire albums at once
  • Graphics optimized for iPhone4's Retina display

Multiple Accounts

With MyPics you can easily add multiple Picasa accounts and seamlessly switch between them.

Album List

Scroll through your album list and view basic information about each album - title, number of photos, album access level - at a glance. Tweetie-like "pull-to-refresh" gesture allows quick refresh of album list as well as photo gallery and comment list.

Photo Gallery

All photos are cached on your device as you view them. Once your photos are cached, you no longer need internet connection to browse through your photo collection.

You can easily share your albums with your friends and family by emailing an album link.

Bulk Operations

MyPics allows applying most common photo operations - such as emailing, saving, deleting and moving to another album - in bulk.

Quick Upload

You can quickly add photos or videos to each album. The photos will be automatically added to the upload queue and uploaded at your command.


MyPics supports standard photo operations, such as horizontal and vertical orientation, pinch-zoom, photo deletion, emailing photos and saving photos to the iPhone library.


You can set a caption for each photo, and the caption is conveniently presented with an overlay view.


You can view and add comments on your photos as well as on the photos of your friends.

Manage Albums

Easily create new albums and modify existing ones. You can change the title, date, summary, location and access level, as well as control the album's cache setting.

Album Access

Protect your albums from public view by setting their access level to "Unlisted" or "Sign-in required to view".

Upload Photos

Upload photos from your iPhone library or camera. MyPics is using a streamlined approach to add photos to the upload queue which requires minimum amount of taps to add multiple photos.

Batch Upload

Add the photos that you would like to upload to the queue, review them and press "Upload". The photos will be uploaded to your albums one-by-one. If you need to close the app, you can resume the uploads whenever you use MyPics next time.

Batch Upload and Geotags

iOS4 introduced new possibilities to make the upload process even easier. You can select multiple photos/videos and quickly add all of the to the upload queue. With iOS4 uploaded files also preserve all the metadata including the geotags. Note that these features require iOS4 and Location Services enabled for MyPics app.

Add Friends

Not only can you add your own accounts to MyPics, you can also add Picasa accounts of your friends and family and have access to their public and shared albums at your convenience.


MyPics can be customized to meet almost everybody's specific needs.

Cache Control

If you want to have all the photos available for offline viewing, you can use Cache Control to enable caching for certain albums. Once caching is enabled, all the photos will be downloaded in the background. Once the caching is complete, the photos will be available for viewing even when no internet access is available.

Photo Size

The default photo size is 800x600. You have an option to choose various resolutions all the way up to the original size.

Album Sort Order

By default the album list is ordered by creation date - most recent albums first. You also have an option of sorting albums by name and date.

Passcode Lock

MyPics allows you to protect photos that you may not want to be accidentally seen by others. With passcode lock protection you will not be able to start the app until the correct passcode is entered.


If the default green theme does not satisfy your taste, you can select either the standard iPhone theme or the blue theme.